• Directly touches the baby's skin, so it was chosen as a safe product.
  • A product that can be used without irritation.
  • 100% Organic Fabric
  • 100% Made in Korea
  • Oeko-Tex Certified Product
  • Fiber’s unique structure of permeability creates ventilation which gives coolness for babies.
  • Fiber has countless numbers of holes that absorb better than cotton.
  • Fiber has a smooth texture which gives a soft touch and non-irritating for the skin.
  • Bamboo only needs water and light to grow. It does not need any pesticide or fertilizer to conserve the natural environment.


  • 아이의 피부에 바로 닿는 손수건! 그래서 오가닉 손수건이 필요합니다!
  • 자극적이지 않고 부드럽게 ~ 흡수는 빠르고 활용도는 다양한! 바로 그 아이템!
  • 아이가 있는 집에는 무조건 있어야 하는 손수건~ 다양하게 쓰시라고 10장 묶음으로 준비했습니다 ^^

Simple Clean Handkerchief 10ea

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